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Length of Course: 8 hours


  •  We offer the OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor course through CICT
  • Valid 3 years
  • Complies with OSSA and Workplace Health & Safety Standards
Course Outline:
  • Regional Code of Practice Requirements 
  • What a Confined Space and Restricted Space is
  • Training and Competency Requirements
  • Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Hazards & Completing a Hazard Assessment
  • Confined Space Levels
  • Legislation Requirements (Safety and Protection)
  • Hazardous Substances & Energy (Isolation)
  • Testing the Atmosphere
  • Ventilation and Purging
  • Neutralization and Inerting
  • Entry Permit System
  • Confined Space Monitor Responsibilities 
  • Emergency Response
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Definitions


Length of Course: 16 hours


  • Spectrum Safety Services
  • Valid 3 years
  • Complies with Industry and Workplace Health and Safety Standards 

Course Outline: 

  • Same as above plus an 8 hour day of Rescue drills

The Entry and Rescue courses have similar curriculums, but the rescue course involves on-site training and drills on pulling a rescue mannequin or a real person out of a confined space. The Entry course is a one-day certification beginning with the identification of a confined space and legal responsibilities. You will learn how to identify hazards, how to control and test for potential confined space dangers, proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed for entry, and about confined space entry permits. 

The course will also teach you about the entry team and its four separate functions, including the rescue team and their responsibilities. Contractor requirements is another component of the training courses and you will understand what would be expected if you were a contractor going onto a site or if a contractor came onto your site. 

A more specialized understanding of combustible gas detectors (LEL monitors) will also be one of your training requirements. Part of the course involves a practical with air equipment. You will operate both a self Contained Breathing Apparatus as well as Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus. The latter is used more often in confined space training and actual entries. The SCBA is designed mostly for performing a rescue operation in the event a worker needs to be extracted. 

Your confined space training is complete when you perform a mock rescue and write the simple quiz as a review.