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Pre-course Requirements:


Course Length:

Oxygen Therapy (stand-alone)1-2 hours
Oxygen Therapy Option with BLS1 hour

Completion Criteria:

  • Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate all the course skill competencies.
  • Ability to complete a written, closed-book, independently completed  knowledge evaluation with a minimum mark of 75%.
  • Must meet additional legislative requirements, if applicable.
  • Participants must attend and participate in 100% of the course.

Note: Instructors/Evaluators may conduct a one-to-one verbal or written knowledge evaluation if the student has a demonstrated learning disability completing written evaluations.


Certification Period:

The certification period for all Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses is three years, with the exception of the BLS course, which is a one-year certification  period. Participants are encouraged to attend courses more frequently to assist with skill retention and confidence level when providing first aid. Some workplaces, employers and organizations may require their members/employees to attend first aid courses more frequently than the three-year certification period. 

CRC certification cards must be issued by Canadian Red Cross.

Participation Letter:

Canadian Red Cross First Aid National Program Standards, as well as provincial regulations, require that all skills be successfully demonstrated (according to the skill sheet) in order to obtain certification. In cases where course participants are unable to demonstrate skills, a Course Participant Letter can be issued as proof of attendance and participation in a Canadian Red Cross course. 


Recertification is:

  • Confirmation that competence is maintained from initial training. 
  • Provides an additional certification of three years.
  • Facilitated  prior to the expiry of the initial certification period. 

Facilitating a recertification course is different from facilitating an initial training course. In a recertification course, participants are looking to maintain the knowledge and skills developed during their initial training. They are familiar with the course content and may  have used their first aid skills in a real emergency since they were in a first aid classroom. Because of this, they have different needs as learners and their course is delivered differently (teaching hours and learning activities) than an initial training course. Recertification courses cannot be combined with initial training courses. 

First Aid Recertification

For recertification courses, all standards remain the same with the exception of the teaching hours required for each course. The time requirements are listed in the course pages.